Matthieu Nicoul

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We present a time-resolved absorption study on the light-induced generation of reversible linkage NO isomers in single crystals of Na(2)[Fe(CN)(5)NO] x 2 H(2)O using laser pulses of 160 fs width. Using the pump wavelength lambda = 500 nm the singlet-singlet (1)A(1)-->(1)E excitation induces the NO rotation by about 90 degrees from the linear Fe-N-O(More)
Intense femtosecond laser excitation can produce transient states of matter that would otherwise be inaccessible to laboratory investigation. At high excitation densities, the interatomic forces that bind solids and determine many of their properties can be substantially altered. Here, we present the detailed mapping of the carrier density-dependent(More)
We show that light drives large-amplitude structural changes in thin films of the prototypical ferroelectric PbTiO3 via direct coupling to its intrinsic photovoltaic response. Using time-resolved x-ray scattering to visualize atomic displacements on femtosecond time scales, photoinduced changes in the unit-cell tetragonality are observed. These are driven(More)
Femtosecond time-resolved small and wide angle x-ray diffuse scattering techniques are applied to investigate the ultrafast nucleation processes that occur during the ablation process in semiconducting materials. Following intense optical excitation, a transient liquid state of high compressibility characterized by large-amplitude density fluctuations is(More)
We investigate the generation of ultrashort Kalpha pulses from plasmas produced by intense femtosecond p-polarized laser pulses on Copper and Titanium targets. Particular attention is given to the interplay between the angle of incidence of the laser beam on the target and a controlled prepulse. It is observed experimentally that the Kalpha yield can be(More)
Daranciang, Dan; Highland, Matthew J.; Wen, Haidan; Young, Steve M.; Brandt, Nathaniel C.; Hwang, Harold Y.; Vattilana, Michael; Nicoul, Matthieu; Quirin, Florian; Goodfellow, John; Qi, Tingting; Grinberg, Ilya; Fritz, David M.; Cammarata, Marco; Zhu, Diling; Lemke, Henrik T.; Walko, Donald A.; Dufresne, Eric M.; Li, Yuelin; Larsson, Jörgen; Reis, David A.;(More)
The photophysical properties of a series of structurally related 4-aminophthalimides and the corresponding 5-aminophthalic hydrazides (luminols) are reported. Absorption, steady-state, and time-resolved fluorescence spectra of luminols exhibited substitution, solvent, and pH dependence. Singlet lifetimes have been determined by time-resolved laser flash(More)
An elliptical glass capillary has been used to focus ultrashort Cu K alpha x-ray pulses emitted from a femtosecond laser-produced plasma. Due to its high magnification (7x), the optic transforms the divergent x-ray emission of the plasma into a quasicollimated x-ray beam with a divergence of only 0.18 degrees. As an application we demonstrate the(More)
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