Matthieu Michel

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Short peptide sequences that are able to transport molecules across the cell membrane have been developed as tools for intracellular delivery of therapeutic molecules. This work describes a novel family of cell-penetrating peptides named Vectocell peptides [also termed DPVs (Diatos peptide vectors)]. These peptides, originating from human heparin binding(More)
Improvement in the therapeutic index of doxorubicin, a cytotoxic molecule, has been sought through its chemical conjugation to short (15-23 amino acid) peptide sequences called Vectocell peptides. Vectocell peptides are highly charged drug delivery peptides and display a number of characteristics that make them attractive candidates to minimize many of the(More)
For intermittent power sources like wind and solar, the challenge is to connect and integrate this type of generation while still meeting the required grid stability and reliability, particularly at a low reserve capacity level. This requires viable solutions of electrical energy storage both for distributed and bulk power applications. UK Power Networks(More)
A 200kW/200kWh energy storage system connected to a UK 11kV distribution network has been used to demonstrate a range of operational duties. To maximize the information that can be gathered during the operation of the device, primary and secondary sites have been instrumented to provide power and voltage measurements. Control algorithms have been devised to(More)
PURPOSE Irinotecan is a prodrug converted to the active cytotoxic molecule SN38 predominantly by the action of liver carboxylesterases. The efficacy of irinotecan is limited by this hepatic activation that results in a low conversion rate, high interpatient variability, and dose-limiting gastrointestinal toxicity. The purpose of this study was to evaluate a(More)
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