Matthieu Marbac

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An extension of the latent class model is proposed for clustering categorical data by relaxing the classical class conditional independence assumption of variables. In this model, variables are grouped into inter-independent and intra-dependent blocks in order to consider the main intra-class correlations. The dependence between variables grouped into the(More)
Spontaneous adverse event reports have a high potential for detecting adverse drug reactions. However, due to their dimension, the analysis of such databases requires statistical methods. In this context, disproportionality measures can be used. Their main idea is to project the data onto contingency tables in order to measure the strength of associations(More)
We propose a parsimonious extension of the classical latent class model to cluster categorical data by relaxing the conditional independence assumption. Under this new mixture model, named Conditional Modes Model (CMM), variables are grouped into conditionally independent blocks. Each block follows a parsimonious multinomial distribution where the few free(More)
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