Matthieu Lemaire

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In Helix aspersa the posterior tentacles house a sensitive olfactory organ. We studied two types of tentacular movements, twitch and quiver. A twitch is a brief retraction (mean duration, 4.1 s); a quiver is a rapid lateral movement (350 ms) unaccompanied by retraction. We videotaped the tentacles while snails explored an open field. When an attractive odor(More)
Fourteen cases of mesangial IgG glomerulonephritis characterized by exclusive or predominant mesangial IgG deposits are reported. The median age at onset was 19 yr (range, 13 to 47 yr). No patient exhibited evidence of systemic lupus erythematous or other systemic diseases. Proteinuria was present in all cases (median, 2.4 g/d; range, 1 to 13 g/d),(More)
The Jules Horowitz Reactor (JHR) is an international Material-Testing Reactor currently under construction at CEA Cadarache. The determination of gamma heating levels in this future commercial reactor is of crucial importance as gamma heating affects both safety and performance parameters of the JHR. Required accuracy (5% at one standard deviation) makes it(More)
Carbon fibers have a remarkable quality of compatibility with the ability to induce collagenous tissue, but the growth cannot be controlled and may be troublesome if excessive. Replacement of tendons and ligaments by carbon fibers requires a minimum of three months of immobilization, the time necessary for the newly formed tissue to be effective. It is(More)
Determination of photon heating by calculation is an important issue for the Jules Horowitz Reactor (JHR), the next international Material-Testing Reactor (MTR) under construction at CEA Cadarache research center in the south of France. Accurate knowledge of photon heating in structure materials and irradiation devices is necessary for JHR design and safety(More)
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