Matthieu Jules

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One of the key ways in which microbes are thought to regulate their metabolism is by modulating the availability of enzymes through transcriptional regulation. However, the limited success of efforts to manipulate metabolic fluxes by rewiring the transcriptional network has cast doubt on the idea that transcript abundance controls metabolic fluxes. In this(More)
UNLABELLED Live Cell Array (LCA) technology allows the acquisition of high-resolution time-course profiles of bacterial gene expression by the systematic assessment of fluorescence in living cells carrying either transcriptional or translational fluorescent protein fusion. However, the direct estimation of promoter activities by time-dependent derivation of(More)
Libraries of well-characterised components regulating gene expression levels are essential to many synthetic biology applications. While widely available for the Gram-negative model bacterium Escherichia coli, such libraries are lacking for the Gram-positive model Bacillus subtilis, a key organism for basic research and biotechnological applications. Here,(More)
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