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The steps of the standard method to determine soluble aluminium concentration are filtering, followed by acidifying, then analysing with the atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS). When applied to alkaline humic water, acidification gives rise to the formation of humic acid as a brown particulate matter. Of the total soluble aluminium in the original(More)
By means of small waterproof chambers held on the backs of rats with adhesive, areas of skin were exposed continuously to sterile distilled water for I-, 2-, and 3-day periods. All test areas showed discernible changes and many exhibited vesicles, bullae or abscesses in the epidermis. Dermal changes ranged from mild inflammatory cell infiltration to severe(More)
Introduction Helmets have received little attention in the literature[1] concerning thermal comfort. Whether it is for motorcycling or cycling, ventilation of helmets has become an issue [2,3]. Relationships between heat loss and the effects perceived vary among helmets. Fouganza, the equestrian brand of Decathlon, has made ventilation of horse riding(More)
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