Matthieu Hog

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• We are interested in interactive light field segmentation from a reference view. • Challenge for light fields: the amount of data to process in order to edit all the views simultaneously. • In particular, the running time for graph-based approaches, such as graph-cut, increases greatly with the size of the input graph. • We assume a depth map to be known(More)
The quantity and diversity of data in Light-Field videos makes this content valuable for many applications such as mixed and augmented reality or post-production in the movie industry. Some of such applications require a large parallax between the different views of the Light-Field, making the multi-view capture a better option than plenoptic cameras. In(More)
Light field acquisition devices allow capturing scenes with unmatched postprocessing possibilities. However, the huge amount of high-dimensional data poses challenging problems to light field processing in interactive time. In order to enable light field processing with a tractable complexity, in this paper, we address the problem of light field(More)
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