Matthieu Hébert

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The locations of three cleavages that can occur in mouse 45S pre-rRNA were determined by Northern blot hybridization and S1 nuclease mapping techniques. These experiments indicate that an initial cleavage of 45S pre-rRNA can directly generate the mature 5' terminus of 18S rRNA. Initial cleavage of 45S pre-rRNA can also generate the mature 5' terminus of(More)
We present a computationally efficient strategy for setting a priori thresholds in an adaptive speaker verification system. We have two motivations: to eliminate the externally preset overall system thresholds and replace them with automatically-set internal thresholds conditioned by a target FA rate and calculated at runtime; to counter the verification(More)
Mouse L-cell nucleoli were isolated from sonicated nuclei by centrifugation and extensively treated with pancreatic DNase or micrococcal nuclease to obtain "core nucleoli." Core nucleoli still contained the precursors to rRNA and about 1% of the total nuclear DNA, which remained tightly bound even after the removal of some chromatin proteins with 2 M NaCl.(More)
Integration of three-dimensional textured scene mapping and object recognition presents many opportunities for assisted automation. We present Artisan, a software package that synthesizes these elements to form a user-friendly whole. Artisan uses a variety of 3D sensors, including laser range scanners and stereo systems, to acquire both image and range(More)
Object Recognition has become one of the most attractive areas of research for most of the scientists over the past few decades. Object recognition has extensive applications in numerous areas of interest. In this paper, the importance of object recognition in different applications has been highlighted. The very famous and impressive technique by David(More)