Matthieu Gratia

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UNLABELLED Through its interaction with the 5' translation initiation factor eIF4G, poly(A) binding protein (PABP) facilitates the translation of 5'-capped and 3'-poly(A)-tailed mRNAs. Rotavirus mRNAs are capped but not polyadenylated, instead terminating in a 3' GACC motif that is recognized by the viral protein NSP3, which competes with PABP for eIF4G(More)
Rotavirus NSP3 is a translational surrogate of the PABP-poly(A) complex for rotavirus mRNAs. To further explore the effects of NSP3 and untranslated regions (UTRs) on rotavirus mRNAs translation, we used a quantitative in vivo assay with simultaneous cytoplasmic NSP3 expression (wild-type or deletion mutant) and electroporated rotavirus-like and standard(More)
The complete coding sequences of the four unassigned temperature-sensitive (ts) Baylor prototype rotavirus mutants (SA11ts D, H, I and J) were sequenced by deep sequencing double-stranded RNA using RNA-seq. Non-silent mutations were assigned to a specific mutant by Sanger sequencing RT-PCR products from each mutant. Mutations that led to amino acid changes(More)
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