Matthieu Dunand

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A basic ductile fracture testing program is carried out on specimens extracted from TRIP780 steel sheets including tensile specimens with a central hole and circular notches. In addition, equi-biaxial punch tests are performed. The surface strain fields are measured using twoand three-dimensional digital image correlation. Due to the localization of plastic(More)
The effect of the stress state on the localization of plastic flow in a Levy–von Mises material is investigated numerically. A unit cell model is built with a spherical central void that acts as a defect triggering the onset of flow localization along a narrow band. Periodic boundary conditions are defined along all boundaries of the unit cell. Shear and(More)
The goal of this work was to establish an assay for transformation of epithelial cells. Two epithelial cell lines were obtained after microinjecting transforming genes into primary rabbit mammary secretory cells. The cell lines were analyzed for their oncogenic potential and for the maintenance of a differentiated phenotype. A fully transformed cell line,(More)
The anisotropic ductile fracture of a 6260-T6 anisotropic aluminum alloy extrusion is investigated using a hybrid experimental–numerical approach. A basic fracture testing program covering a wide range of stress states and different material orientations is carried out. It comprises experiments on notched tensile specimens, tensile specimens with a central(More)
A high strain rate tensile testing technique for sheet materials is presented which makes use of a split Hopkinson pressure bar system in conjunction with a load inversion device. With compressive loads applied to its boundaries, the load inversion device introduces tension into a sheet specimen. Two output bars are used to minimize the effect of bending(More)
Established cell lines (TB-6c and TB-M) obtained by continuous culture of epithelial cells from toad Bufo marinus urinary bladder, which, in culture, maintained a high degree of functional differentiation, exhibited a significant number of high-affinity (KA = 1-2 X 10(10) M-1) binding sites detected both with radioiodinated (125I) ovine prolactin (oPRL) and(More)
The binding characteristics of the prolactin (PRL) receptors present in toad (Bufo marinus) kidneys were investigated and compared to those of PRL receptors present in rabbit mammary glands. The molecular characteristics of the Triton X-100 solubilized renal and mammary PRL receptors were assessed by gel filtration and by migration analysis on sodium(More)
Accurate predictions of the onset of ductile fracture play an increasingly important role in the design of lightweight sheet metal structures. With the development of virtual prototyping practices, most transportation vehicles are now computer-engineered in great detail before launching their mass production, thereby requiring reliable models for plasticity(More)
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