Matthieu Dubarry

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A universal modeling and simulation approach for rechargeable lithium batteries is presented in this paper to introduce a practical method to conduct battery pack simulation from accurate cell models that can account for cell imbalance. We used a model based on an equivalent circuit technique commonly used in electrochemical impedance characterizations. Our(More)
Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and grid-to-vehicle (G2V) strategies are considered to help stabilize the electric grid but their true impact on battery degradation is still unknown. The intention of this study is to test the impact of such strategies on the degradation of commercial Li-ion batteries. This first part looks into the preliminary testing performed prior(More)
Hawaii is an attractive proving ground for electric and hybrid vehicles (EHV) evaluation. Envisioning and embracing the needs for environmental-friendly advanced transportation technology developments, the Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies (HCATT) and the Electrochemical Power Systems Laboratory (EPSL) at the Hawaii Natural Energy(More)
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