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In this paper, we present an algorithm for blind equalization i.e. equalization without training sequence. The proposed algorithm is based on the reformulation of the equalization problem in a set membership identification problem. Among the Set Membership Identification methods, the chosen algorithm is an optimal bounding ellipsoid type algorithm. This(More)
An event-driven modeling technique in standard VHDL is presented in this paper for the high level simulation of a resistive bolometer operating in closed-loop mode and implementing smart functions. The closed-loop mode operation is achieved by the capacitively coupled electrical substitution technique. The event-driven VHDL modeling technique is(More)
Maintenance of long-term cultures of yeast cells is central to a broad range of investigations, from metabolic studies to laboratory evolution assays. However, repeated dilutions of batch cultures lead to variations in medium composition, with implications for cell physiology. In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, powerful miniaturized chemostat setups, or ministat(More)
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