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The aim of the present study was to assess the efficacy and safety of chronic subthalamic nucleus deep-brain stimulation (STN-DBS) in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD). 18 consecutive severely affected PD patients were included (mean age, SD: 56.9+/-6 years; mean disease duration: 13.5+/-4.4 years). All the patients were evaluated clinically before and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate, by examining data collected on professional basketball players during a 10-year period, the differences in aerobic capacity in function of the playing position and the impact on these parameters of the change in time regulation of 2000, which shortened the time allowed to attempt a field goal by 6 s and divided the duration of play in(More)
We consider a market where privately informed sellers resort to certification to overcome adverse selection. There is uncertainty about the certifier's ability to generate accurate information. The profit of a monopolistic certifier is an inverted U-shaped function of his reputation for accuracy: being perceived as more precise allows to attract more good(More)
Obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD) may be encountered after basal ganglia lesions of various aetiologies. These lesions are usually bilateral. We report here the case of a 24 years old man who developed a pure compulsive behavior after a unilateral left-sided caudate nucleus hemorrhage due to a cavernoma. The pathophysiology of this compulsive disorder(More)
The authors report a new case of menstrual pneumothorax and pelvic endometriosis which was discovered at this time. In this case (because of the presence of lesions suggesting the condition on thoracotomy) the probable mechanism thought to cause this pneumothorax would be the cyclical shedding of pleural endometriotic lesions. The authors review the(More)
OBJECTIVE Describe indications and procedures of ureteral retrograde catheter placement in operative laparoscopy. Assess the security that allows this technique to avoid or detect ureteral injury. STUDY DESIGN A cohort study over a five year period was performed on 1722 patients who underwent an operative gynecologic laparoscopy. SURGICAL TECHNIQUE When(More)
We use an important legal event as a natural experiment to examine the effect of management fiduciary duties on equity‐debt conflicts. A 1991 Delaware bankruptcy ruling changed the nature of corporate directors' fiduciary duties in firms incorporated in that state. This change limited managers' incentives to take actions favoring equity over debt for firms(More)
Stern and Toulouse, and the EFA and UBC Summer Conferences for helpful comments. All errors remain our own responsibility. Abstract We characterize how product market competition disciplines managers in a moral hazard setting. Competition has two effects on a firm. First, the expected revenue or the marginal benefit of effort declines, leading to weakly(More)