Matthieu Bach

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With the emergence of Web 2.0, new applications arise and evolve into more interactive forms of collective intelligence. These applications offer to both professionals and citizens an open and expanded access to geographic information. In this paper, we develop the conceptual foundations of a new technology solution called WikiGIS. WikiGIS’s strength lies(More)
Conceptual and language changes are necessary to accompany the paradigm shift from fee-for-service medicine to managed care. Medical necessity is an inadequate and ambiguous term defined differently by providers, payers, patients, and legislators. The attempt by legislators in Minnesota to develop a universal standard benefits set for healthcare services(More)
Recent proposals to reform Medicaid, driven primarily by the need for cost containment, rarely pay explicit attention to values. This paper presents the Medicaid Values Framework, the authors' interpretation of a set of societal ideals embodied in Title XIX of the Social Security Amendments of 1965. The Framework comprises seven interlocking values that are(More)
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