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In this paper, we present a digital hardware implementation of a biorealistic spiking neural network composed of 117 Izhikevich neurons. This digital system works in hard real-time, which means that it keeps the same biological time of simulation at the millisecond scale. The Izhikevich neuron implementation requires few resources. The neurons behavior is(More)
This investigation of the leech heartbeat neural network system led to the development of a low resources, real-time, biomimetic digital hardware for use in hybrid experiments. The leech heartbeat neural network is one of the simplest central pattern generators (CPG). In biology, CPG provide the rhythmic bursts of spikes that form the basis for all muscle(More)
Neural prostheses based on electrical microstimulation offer promising perspectives to restore functions following lesions of the central nervous system (CNS). They require the identification of appropriate stimulation sites and the coordination of their activation to achieve the restoration of functional activity. On the long term, a challenging(More)
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