Matthias Zehelein

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This paper presents a control strategy for a single-phase photovoltaic inverter, using a parallel active buffer circuit. The aim is to reduce the volume demand of the necessary capacitance for filtering the twice line frequency pulsating power. The pulsating power is stored in an additional buffer capacitor, which is decoupled from the input voltage by an(More)
This paper proposes sub-module integration of a photovoltaic (PV) microinverter. It is proposed to remove the existing junction box and replace the by-pass diodes with individual DC-DC converters connected to a single-phase inverter. Particular attention is given to systems operating under long-term non-uniform conditions, such as snow or dust accumulation.(More)
Silicon carbide (SiC) trench MOSFET half-bridge and full-bridge power modules with hybrid integrated gate drivers on aluminium nitride (AlN) substrate were designed with electro-thermal co-simulation and soldered on an aluminium heatsink, achieving 0.3 K/W junction-to-heatsink thermal resistance. A 2 kW single-stage PV-inverter with active energy-buffer was(More)
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