Matthias Wißotzki

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New business information systems are integrating emerging cloud infrastructures with service-oriented platforms and intelligent user-centered mobile systems. Both architecture engineering and management of service-oriented enterprise architectures is complex and has to integrate synergistic disciplines like EAM - Enterprise Architecture and Management for(More)
Current approaches for enterprise architecture lack analytical instruments for cyclic evaluations of business and system architectures in real business enterprise system environments. This impedes the broad use of enterprise architecture methodologies. Furthermore, the permanent evolution of systems desynchronizes quickly model representation and reality.(More)
Excellence in IT is both a driver and a key enabler of the digital transformation. The digital transformation changes the way we live, work, learn, communicate, and collaborate. The Internet of Things (IoT) fundamentally influences today's digital strategies with disruptive business operating models and fast changing markets. New business information(More)
Eine EA-Referenzarchitektur soll die klare „Blaupause“ der effizienten, leistungsstarken und agilen Gestaltung sowie Nutzung von EAM für jedes Unternehmen sein. Heute ist dies nicht der Fall, weil EA-Referenzarchitekturen meist fehlen und die methodische Praxis von EAM meist nur Tool-zentriert ist. Es wird ein origineller Ansatz zur Metamodel-basierten(More)