Matthias Weigl

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BACKGROUND Subjective workload in healthcare employees is suspected to be important for the performance and safety of healthcare delivery. This study investigates associations between workflow interruptions and hospital doctors' capability to manage their perceived workload in a safe and efficient manner. AIM To examine the relationship of observed(More)
SEVERIN HORNUNG*, DENISE M. ROUSSEAU, JÜRGEN GLASER, PETER ANGERER AND MATTHIAS WEIGL Department of Management and Marketing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong Heinz School of Public Policy and Management and Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Institute and Outpatient(More)
BACKGROUND We examined the impact of changes in the psychosocial work environment on depressive symptoms in a sample of junior physicians, a high risk group for stress and mental disorders. METHODS This is a three-wave prospective study in 417 junior physicians during their residency in German hospitals. The psychosocial work environment was measured by(More)
BACKGROUND Interruptions of hospital doctors' workflow are a frequent stressor, eventually jeopardising quality of clinical performance. To enhance the safety of hospital doctors' work, it is necessary to analyse frequency and circumstances of workflow interruptions. AIM To quantify workflow interruptions among hospital doctors, identify frequent sources(More)
PURPOSE The study investigates the long-term effects of accumulated working conditions on depressive symptoms in junior doctors. Drawing on the Job Demand-Control-Support model, this study aims to identify personal and job-related determinants for self-reported depression in junior doctors-a professional group that is vulnerable to depression. METHODS We(More)
Leader consideration has long been suggested to be conducive to quality of working life experienced by employees. The present study links this classic leadership dimension with more recent research on idiosyncratic deals, referring to personalized conditions workers negotiate in their employment relationships. A two-wave survey study (N = 159/142) among(More)
BACKGROUND Work stress may impair physicians' ability to provide high quality patient care. Prior research remains however sparse and has insufficiently explored explanations for this relationship. It has been suggested that physicians' poor mental health is one potential explanatory factor. We drew on a well-established model to measure work stress (the(More)
Surgeons’ intra-operative workload is critical for effective and safe surgical performance. Detrimental conditions in the operating room (OR) environment may add to perceived workload and jeopardize surgical performance and outcomes. This study aims to evaluate the impact of different intra-operative workflow interruptions on surgeons’ capacity to manage(More)
BACKGROUND Intraoperative interruptions potentially interfere with surgical flow, contribute to patient safety risks, and increase stress. This study aimed to observe interruption events in operating rooms (ORs) and to measure surgical team's intraoperative interference from interruptions during surgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty-five surgical cases(More)