Matthias Vogelgesang

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Naturally gaze is used for visual perception of our environment and gaze movements are mainly controlled subconsciously. Forcing the user to consciously diverge from that natural gaze behavior for interaction purposes causes high cognitive workload and destroys information contained in natural gaze movements. Instead of proposing a new gaze-based(More)
X-ray tomography has been proven to be a valuable tool for understanding internal, otherwise invisible, mechanisms in biology and other fields. Recent advances in digital detector technology enabled investigation of dynamic processes in 3D with a temporal resolution down to the milliseconds range. Unfortunately it requires computationally intensive(More)
Increasingly, physical limitations lead to a shift from high clocked single core processors to CPUs with up to eight, or more, independent but slower processing cores, and multi-core or even multi-CPU computers. In order to retain performance gains in the future, the speech decoding process has to be reorganized to employ a certain amount of thread-level(More)
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