Matthias Vahl

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The new generation of watches is smart. Smart watches are connected to the internet and provide sensor functionality that allows an enhanced human-computer-interaction. Smart watches provide a gesture interaction and a permanent monitoring of physical activities. In comparison to other electronic home consumer devices with integrated sensors, Smart watches(More)
Device free communication is getting more and more popular. A comfortable and easy way to accomplish this is interaction with hand gestures. A very good gesture recognition system is required in order to avoid frustration among users. The major challenge in hand gesture recognition lies in an accurate segmentation of the hand. The accurate segmentation of(More)
Color cast is a crucial problem for color image processing. White balance has been widely used to eliminate color cast to improve the image's quality. Most of white balance implementations are based on color constancy hypothesis. A well-known color constancy hypothesis is given in [1], unifying White Patch [2], Grey World [3], Shades of Grey [4], and Grey(More)
Object recognition in huge image data sets or in live camera images at interactive frame rates is a very demanding task, especially within embedded systems. The recognition task includes the localization of a reference object and its rotation and scaling in a search image. The Generalized Hough Transform (GHT) is known as a powerful and robust technique to(More)
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