Matthias U. Mozer

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The reaction gamma p-->pi(+)K(-)K(+)n was studied at Jefferson Laboratory using a tagged photon beam with an energy range of 3-5.47 GeV. A narrow baryon state with strangeness S=+1 and mass M=1555+/-10 MeV/c(2) was observed in the nK(+) invariant mass spectrum. The peak's width is consistent with the CLAS resolution (FWHM=26 MeV/c(2)), and its statistical(More)
  • Marti, H.-U Martyn, +17 authors R Zus
  • 2009
A search for single top quark production is performed in the full e±p data sample collected by the H1 experiment at HERA, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 474 pb−1. Decays of top quarks into a b quark and a W boson with subsequent leptonic or hadronic decay of the W are investigated. A multivariate analysis is performed to discriminate top quark(More)
Differential cross sections for gammap-->etap have been measured with tagged real photons for incident photon energies from 0.75 to 1.95 GeV. Mesons were identified by missing mass reconstruction using kinematical information for protons scattered in the production process. The data provide the first extensive angular distribution measurements for the(More)
Many proposed models of new physics predict yet undiscovered particles which decay with high branching fractions into quarks and/or gluons, such as extra gauge bosons or fourth generation quarks. The high branching fractions to quarks make searches in channels with jets in the final state attractive for investigations at low integrated luminosities or new(More)
The cross section for the reaction ep-->e(')ppi(+)pi(-) was measured in the resonance region for 1.4<W<2.1 GeV and 0.5<Q2<1.5 GeV(2)/c(2) using the CLAS detector at Jefferson Laboratory. The data show resonant structures not visible in previous experiments. The comparison of our data to a phenomenological prediction using available information on N(*) and(More)
The first measurements of the transferred polarization for the exclusive e-->p-->e(')K+Lambda--> reaction have been performed at Jefferson Laboratory using the CLAS spectrometer. A 2.567 GeV beam was used to measure the hyperon polarization over Q2 from 0.3 to 1.5 (GeV/c)(2), W from 1.6 to 2.15 GeV, and over the full K+ center-of-mass angular range.(More)
M. Battaglieri, M. Brunoldi, R. De Vita, J. M. Laget, M. Osipenko, M. Ripani, M. Taiuti, G. Adams, M. J. Amaryan, E. Anciant, M. Anghinolfi, D. S. Armstrong, B. Asavapibhop, G. Asryan, G. Audit, T. Auger, H. Avakian, S. Barrow, K. Beard, M. Bektasoglu, B. L. Berman, A. Bersani, N. Bianchi, A. S. Biselli, S. Boiarinov, S. Bouchigny, R. Bradford, D. Branford,(More)
The differential cross section, dsigma/dt, for omega meson exclusive photoproduction on the proton above the resonance region (2.6<W<2.9 GeV) was measured up to a momentum transfer -t=5 GeV2 using the CLAS detector at Jefferson Laboratory. The omega channel was identified by detecting a proton and pi(+) in the final state and using the missing mass(More)
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