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The capabilities offered by digital communication are leading to the evolution of new network structures that are grounded in communication patterns. As these structures are significant for organizations, much research has been devoted to understanding network dynamics in ongoing processes of electronic communication. A valuable method for this objective is(More)
Understanding structures and processes of virtual communication networks can help to improve knowledge sharing and collaboration in a corporate setting. A widespread research method in that domain is Social Network Analysis. However, SNA only considers a summarized picture of the final structures of virtual community networks. It does not focus the(More)
Content authors are increasingly using the Internet to network, providing each other with advice, collaboratively filtering important information, and creating virtual networks of trust. To adequately understand this social cyberspace, we must be able to search and explore the patterns and processes of group interaction. A novel software-based approach(More)
IRIS (Information Systems Research in Scandinavia) Conference is an annual meeting for researchers in Scandinavia. Through 29 annual conference meetings a social network of co-authorships and general research collaboration has emerged. This article contributes a historical reflection and analysis of the social network of researchers associated with the IRIS(More)
During the federal funding program 'New Media in Education', a project group was established, which produces learning contents for two E-Learning offerings of an international virtual university: Process Modeling and Knowledge Management. The continuous improvement and development of the required production processes with the objective of creating(More)