Matthias Seiwerts

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INTRODUCTION Computed tomography (CT) is considered the gold standard for quantification of global or regional lung aeration and lung mass. Quantitative CT, however, involves the exposure to ionizing radiation and requires manual image processing. We recently evaluated an extrapolation method which calculates quantitative CT parameters characterizing the(More)
INTRODUCTION Quantitative computed tomography (qCT)-based assessment of total lung weight (Mlung) has the potential to differentiate atelectasis from consolidation and could thus provide valuable information for managing trauma patients fulfilling commonly used criteria for acute lung injury (ALI). We hypothesized that qCT would identify atelectasis as a(More)
We report on initial approaches to automatically segment healthy and atelectatic lung areas in CT images for diagnostic purposes such as quantification of aerated and atelectatic pulmonary subvolumes. We address mainly the problem of automatic segmentation of the chest wall, including the lung parenchyma in the presence of atelectasis as in this case the(More)
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