Matthias Seelmann-Eggebert

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Amplifiers for a next generation of T/R-modules in future active array antennas are realized as monolithically integrated circuits (MMIC) on the bases of novel AlGaN/GaN HEMT structures. Both, low noise and power amplifiers are designed for X-band frequencies. The MMICs are designed, simulated and fabricated using a novel via-hole microstrip technology.(More)
In this paper, we present a fully-scalable compact small-signal equivalent circuit model for AlGaN/GaN HEMTs with a gate length of 100 nm. The compact model yields a parasitic shell topology and is scalable from two up to eight transistor-fingers and is valid for finger lengths from 15 μm to 100 μm. It accurately covers the frequency range(More)
This paper presents the design and performance of various millimeter-wave FET switches realized in a metamorphic HEMT technology. The single-pole multi-throw switch configurations are targeting wireless communication frontends and imaging radiometers at 60, 94 and 120 GHz. In SPDT switches, state-of-the-art insertion loss of 1.4 and 1.8 dB is achieved at 60(More)
A state-space approach to large-signal (LS) modeling of high-speed transistors is presented and used as a general framework for various model descriptions of the dispersive features frequently observed for HEMTs at low frequency. Ensuring unrestricted LS-small-signal (SS) model compatibility, the approach allows to construct LS models from multibias SS(More)
—The high power capabilities in combination with the low noise performance of Gallium Nitride (GaN) makes this technology an excellent choice for robust receivers. This paper presents the design and measured results of three different LNAs, which operate in C-, Ku-, and Ka-band. The designs are realized in 0.25 μm and 0.15 μm AlGaN/GaN microstrip(More)
In this paper, we are presenting two terahertz monolithic integrated circuits (TMICs) for use in next-generation radar and spectroscopy systems operating in the WR-1.5 waveguide band (500 - 750 GHz). Both amplifier circuits have been realized using a 35 nm InAlAs/InGaAs based metamorphic high electron mobility transistor (mHEMT) technology in combination(More)
Two monolithic G-band active frequency multipliers have been designed and fabricated using coplanar-waveguide technology. The monolithic microwave integrated circuits are a frequency tripler for an output frequency of 140 GHz and a 110-220-GHz frequency doubler. The tripler demonstrates a maximum conversion gain of -11 dB for an input power of 9 dBm,(More)
A new concept for the low-frequency dispersion aspect of large-signal modeling of microwave III-V field-effect transistors is presented. The approach circumvents the integrability problem between the small-signal transconductance <i>Gm</i>RF and the output conductance <i>G</i><sub>dsRF</sub> by means of an integral formulation and simultaneously yields a(More)
This paper describes efficient GaN/AlGaN HEMTs and MMICs for L/S-band (1-4 GHz) and X-band frequencies (8-12 GHz) on three-inch s.i. SiC substrates. Dual-stage MMICs in microstrip transmission-line technology yield a power-added efficiency of ¿40% at 8.56 GHz for a power level of ¿11 W. A single-stage MMIC yields a PAE of ¿55% with 6 W of output power at(More)