Matthias Scheller Lichtenauer

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Existing image-difference measures show excellent accuracy in predicting distortions, such as lossy compression, noise, and blur. Their performance on certain other distortions could be improved; one example of this is gamut mapping. This is partly because they either do not interpret chromatic information correctly or they ignore it entirely. We present an(More)
We discuss a few selected hypotheses on how the visual system judges differences of color images. We then derive five image-difference features from these hypotheses and address their relation to the visual processing. Three models are proposed to combine these features for the prediction of perceived image differences. The parameters of the(More)
We present a corpus of experimental data from psychometric studies on gamut mapping and demonstrate its use to develop image similarity measures. We investigate whether similarity measures based on luminance (SSIM) can be improved when features based on chroma and hue are added. Image similarity measures can be applied to automatically select a good image(More)
High dynamic range imaging (HDRi) is a technology concerned with representing a range of luminances larger than state of the art displays and closer to luminance ranges occuring in natural scenes. We investigate whether the approach of evaluating a dynamic range by the number of just noticeable differences contained within does make sense in a HDRi(More)
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