Matthias Schäfer

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The Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) protocol is one of the key components of the next generation air transportation system. Since ADS-B will become mandatory by 2017 in the European airspace, it is crucial that aspects such as its security and privacy are promptly investigated by the research community. However, as expensive specialized(More)
In this poster, we generalize the problem of secure location verification to that of path verification and propose a scheme to securely verify the claims of a mobile node that moves along a path. Although the secure verification of location claims has been studied extensively in the literature, current solutions require very strict time synchronization of(More)
This poster presents the idea of exploiting mobility to improve the security in location and track verification. Unlike traditional approaches which require tight time synchronization or two-way communication, mobility can be used to derive lightweight verification schemes. By ensuring independent movement of the verifiers, our scheme can provide security(More)
  • Markus Gräb Bachelorarbeit, Markus Gräb, Matthias Schäfer, Prüfer, Jens Eidesstattliche Schmitt, Erklärung
  • 2014
The ADS-B (Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast) protocol is a crucial component of the next generation air traffic management system. Many characteristics of the protocol are not investigated sufficiently. This thesis compares multiple low cost ADS-B Receiver. Thereby multiple factors were used for comparison and to identify the specific problems of(More)
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