Matthias Schäfer

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Business processes have tremendously changed the way large companies conduct their business: The integration of information systems into the workflows of their employees ensures a high service level and thus high customer satisfaction. One core aspect of business process engineering are events that steer the workflows and trigger internal processes. Strict(More)
Covalent modifications of nucleic acids play an important role in regulating their functions. Among these modifications, (cytosine-5) DNA methylation is best known for its role in the epigenetic regulation of gene expression. Post-transcriptional RNA modification is a characteristic feature of noncoding RNAs, and has been described for rRNAs, tRNAs and(More)
Effective content-based retrieval in 3D model databases is an important problem that has attracted much research attention over the last years. Many individual methods proposed to date rely on calculating global 3D model descriptors based on image, surface, volumetric, or structural model properties. Descriptors such as these are then input for determining(More)
Cytosine-5 methyltransferases of the Dnmt2 family are highly conserved in evolution and their biological function is being studied in several organisms. Although all structural DNA methyltransferase motifs are present in Dnmt2, these enzymes show a strong tRNA methyltransferase activity. In line with an enzymatic activity towards substrates other than DNA,(More)
1 Motivation Nowadays, two types of maps, the so-called Thematic Map and Choropleth Map, are used in Cartography and GIS-Systems. Thematic Maps are used to emphasize the spatial distribution of one or more geographic attributes. Popular thematic maps are the Choropleth Maps (Greek: choro = area, pleth = value), in which enumeration or data collection units(More)
Generating effective visual embedding of high-dimensional data is difficult-the analyst expects to see the structure of the data in the visualization, as well as patterns and relations. Given the high dimensionality, noise and imperfect embedding techniques, it is hard to come up with a satisfactory embedding that preserves the data structure well, whilst(More)
Dnmt2 enzymes are conserved in eukaryotes, where they methylate C38 of tRNA-Asp with high activity. Here, the activity of one of the very few prokaryotic Dnmt2 homologs from Geobacter species (GsDnmt2) was investigated. GsDnmt2 was observed to methylate tRNA-Asp from flies and mice. Unexpectedly, it had only a weak activity toward its matching Geobacter(More)