Matthias Schäfer

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In Drosophila, distinct mechanisms orient asymmetric cell division along the apical-basal axis in neuroblasts and along the anterior-posterior axis in sensory organ precursor (SOP) cells. Here, we show that heterotrimeric G proteins are essential for asymmetric cell division in both cell types. The G protein subunit G(alpha)i localizes apically in(More)
BACKGROUND In the fruit fly Drosophila, the Inscuteable protein localises to the apical cell cortex in neuroblasts and directs both the apical-basal orientation of the mitotic spindle and the basal localisation of the protein determinants Numb and Prospero during mitosis. Asymmetric localisation of Inscuteable is initiated during neuroblast delamination by(More)
The floor plate is a signaling center in the ventral neural tube of vertebrates with important functions during neural patterning and axon guidance. It is composed of a centrally located medial floor plate (MFP) and a bilaterally positioned lateral floor plate (LFP). While the role of the MFP as source of signaling molecules like, e.g., Sonic Hedgehog (Shh)(More)
The vertebrate dmrt gene family encodes transcription factors with a characteristic DNA-binding motif called the DM domain. The best studied member is dmrt1, which is involved in sexual development in fish and tetrapods. The cloning of dmrt5 from the platyfish Xiphophorus maculatus and the expression pattern of dmrt1, dmrt2a, dmrt4, and dmrt5 in adults and(More)
The ventral neural tube of vertebrates consists of distinct neural progenitor domains positioned along the dorsoventral (DV) axis that develop different types of moto- and interneurons. Several signalling molecules, most notably Sonic Hedgehog (Shh), retinoic acid (RA) and fibroblast growth factor (FGF) have been implicated in the generation of these(More)
The Wilms' tumor suppressor gene wt1 encodes a zinc-finger transcription factor that plays an important role in the development of the mammalian genitourinary system. Mutations in WT1 in humans lead to anomalies of kidney and gonad development and cause Wilms' tumor, a pediatric kidney cancer. The inactivation of both wt1 alleles in mice gives rise to(More)
The medial floor plate (MFP) organizes the specification of neurons and outgrowth of axons in the ventral spinal cord of vertebrates. We show that the growth factor Midkine-a, expressed in the paraxial mesoderm, is required for formation of the MFP in zebrafish. Our epistatic analyses demonstrate that development of MFP comprises two independent sequential(More)
Visualizing large geo-demographical datasets using pixel-based techniques involves mapping the geospatial dimensions of a data point to screen coordinates and appropriately encoding its statistical value by color. The analysis of such data presents a great challenge. General tasks involve clustering, categorization, and searching for patterns of interest(More)
Generating effective visual embedding of high-dimensional data is difficult the analyst expects to see the structure of the data in the visualization, as well as patterns and relations. Given the high dimensionality, noise and imperfect embedding techniques, it is hard to come up with a satisfactory embedding that preserves the data structure well, whilst(More)
Effective content-based retrieval in 3D model databases is an important problem that has attracted much research attention over the last years. Many individual methods proposed to date rely on calculating global 3D model descriptors based on image, surface, volumetric, or structural model properties. Descriptors such as these are then input for determining(More)