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This paper presents the results of a study on software documentation quality in practice. Goal of this study is identifying the current state of software documentation quality and used analysis techniques for determining software documentation quality. Moreover, we aim at finding out, whether there is a demand for a tool-based software documentation quality(More)
ATP-dependent calcium sequestration was previously localized in vesicles of mitotic apparatus isolated from sea urchins. We now demonstrate that the mitotic apparatus contains an ATP-regenerative system characterized as creatine kinase (EC Mitotic apparatus isolated with vesicles intact converted ADP to ATP if phosphocreatine was present. Omission(More)
Internal software quality, e.g. the quality of code, has great impact on the overall quality of software. Besides well known manual inspection and review techniques more recent approaches utilize tool-based static code for the evaluation of internal software quality. Despite the high potential of static code analyzers the application of tools alone cannot(More)
The quality of source code is a key factor for any software product and its continuous monitoring is an indispensable task for a software development project. We have developed a method for systematic assessing and improving the code quality of ongoing projects by using the results of various static code analysis tools. With different approaches for(More)
There is empirical evidence that the code quality of software has an important impact on the external, i.e., user perceptible, software quality. Currently a large number of source code metrics exist that seem to ease the evaluation of code quality. Nevertheless, studies show that the theoretical foundations are weak and promising approaches for the(More)
Existing software quality models typically focus on common quality characteristics such as the ISO 25010 software quality characteristics. However, most of them provide insufficient operationalization for quality assessments of source code. Moreover, they usually focus on software in general or on information systems and do not sufficiently cover the(More)