Matthias S. Moeller

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Environmental remote sensing is dominated by land use and land cover classifications. Different land cover features reflect electromagnetic radiation in different ways and remotely sensed images provide a basic and synoptic representation of land cover variation on the Earth's surface. The pixel based analysis has been 'the holy grail' for many years.(More)
Very high resolution space borne imagery is essential for a large scale and very detailed urban monitoring and the Quickbird sensor is one of those. It offers images with a spatial resolution of 0.61 m (panchromatic) and 2.44 m (four multispectral bands). Not only a mapping and cadastral surveying of urban objects can be done based on that kind of imagery.(More)
THEME: Energy and Geological resources. ABSTRACT: Availability of multispectral remote sensing data cheaply and its higher spectral resolution compared to remote sensing data with higher spatial resolution has proved valuable for geological mapping exploitation and mineral mapping. This has benefited applications such as landslide quantification, fault(More)
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