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In highly industrialized countries bread consumption rate decreases in favour of flavour-intensive foods like meat, sweets, cocoa products or alcoholic beverages. This trend which is unfavourable from the nutritional point of view may be forced by flavour losses in modern bread technology itself. Sensory profile studies indicate 4 points which may change(More)
The determination of delta18O values in CO2 at a precision level of +/-0.02 per thousand (delta-notation) has always been a challenging, if not impossible, analytical task. Here, we demonstrate that beyond the usually assumed major cause of uncertainty - water contamination - there are other, hitherto underestimated sources of contamination and processes(More)
Volatile sulfur compounds from 3 samples of boiled meat (Longissimus dorsi and shoulder meat) have been isolated, separated from the whole flavour complex by mercuric chloride precipitation, regenerated, and examined by gas chromatography. Identification has been carried through by determining Kovats-indices on 4 gas chromatographic columns of different(More)
The evaluation of threshold values and concentration/odour intensity relations for 2-heptanone has been carried out in two laboratories applying strictly uniform materials, methods and laboratory procedures. The results obtained in aqueous and oil medium are discussed taking into consideration the influence of methods and judges as variability factors. It(More)
The effect of high concentration, also referred to as crowding conditions, on Brownian motion is of central relevance for the understanding of the physical, chemical and biological properties of proteins in their native environment. Specifically, the simple inverse relationship between the translational diffusion coefficient and the macroscopic solution(More)
Rapidly increasing knowledge about the high complexity of food aromas requires selection or ranking procedures as to the importance of the particular components for flavour impression. For this purpose the concept of aroma values has been discussed which calculates quantitative data in connection with aroma effectiveness of the compounds. The simplification(More)