Matthias Reitinger

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We present a novel approach for visualizing the positional and geometrical variability of isosurfaces in uncertain 3D scalar fields. Our approach extends recent work by Pöthkow and Hege [PH10] in that it accounts for correlations in the data to determine more reliable isosurface crossing probabilities. We introduce an incremental update-scheme that allows(More)
In this paper, we present a novel approach for rendering of very large polygonal meshes consisting of several hundred million triangles. Our technique uses the rasterizer exclusively to allow for high-quality, anti-aliased rendering and takes advantage of a compact, voxel-based level-of-detail simplification. We show how our approach unifies streaming,(More)
Figure 1: Views into the Crytek Sponza voxelized at a resolution of 4096 × 2048 × 2048. The left view renders at 59 ms per frame (17 fps) on a GTX 680; the right view renders at 41 ms (24 fps) on a 1280 × 720 viewport with 4× MSAA. Abstract Voxel models are of increasing interest in 3D computer games, as they give rise to many efficient operations that can(More)
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