Matthias Raubach

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PURPOSE Intraoperative localization of small tumors or malignant polyps has been an important issue in laparoscopic colon surgery. We have developed a new method for preoperative endoscopic tumor marking using a ring-shaped magnetic marker. METHODS In a pilot study, 28 patients with small colonic (n = 23) or rectal tumors (n = 5) underwent endoscopic(More)
BACKGROUND Fiberoptic ductoscopy is increasingly used to evaluate pathologic nipple discharge. A major limitation of this technique is the inability to obtain tissue samples from suspicious intraductal lesions. We present a novel technique for ductoscopic biopsy of intraluminal tumors. METHODS From 2002 to 2005 ductoscopy was performed in 38 women with(More)
OBJECTIVE Breast duct endoscopy is increasingly used for evaluation of intraductal disease. We have investigated a new rigid instrument for ductoscopy and intraductal biopsy of pathologic lesions. METHODS From 2002 to 2006, ductoscopy was performed in 111 women with breast cancer or pathologic nipple discharge. A rigid gradient index microendoscope(More)
BACKGROUND Extensive intraductal disease represents an important clinical problem in the management of patients with invasive or in situ breast cancer. The purpose of this study was to determine the value of intraoperative ductoscopy for detection of intraductal neoplasia in women with breast cancer. METHODS Intraoperative ductoscopy was performed in 54(More)
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