Matthias R M Hüttl

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The current status of organic synthesis is hampered by costly protecting-group strategies and lengthy purification procedures after each synthetic step. To circumvent these problems, the synthetic potential of multicomponent domino reactions has been utilized for the efficient and stereoselective construction of complex molecules from simple precursors in a(More)
Efficient and elegant syntheses of complex organic molecules with multiple stereogenic centres continue to be important in both academic and industrial laboratories. In particular, catalytic asymmetric multi-component 'domino' reactions, used during total syntheses of natural products and synthetic building blocks, are highly desirable. These reactions(More)
2-Alkyl derivatives of butane-2,3-diacetal (BDA) protected glyceraldehyde were stereoselectively prepared by aza-Claisen rearrangement of N-allyl-enammonium ions or C-alkylation of enamines. This allows rapid and convenient access to densely functionalized chiral building blocks.
Mother Nature utilizes simple precursors to build up complex organic molecules efficiently. One important example is the C3 building block dihydroxyacetone phosphate, which is used in various enzyme-catalyzed reactions. Following this biosynthetic strategy the DHAP equivalent 'dioxanone' can be used in organocatalytic reactions to synthesize sugars,(More)
The development of modular combinations of organocatalytic reactions into cascades has been shown to be an effective tool despite the fact that the mechanism of such a complex organocatalytic multistep cascade reaction still remains poorly understood. Here the detailed mechanistic studies of a complex organocatalytic triple cascade reaction for the(More)
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