Matthias Rötting

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Driving safety has become an extremely severe problem in China due to rapid motorization. Unless more effective measures are taken, the fatality risk and the total fatalities due to road traffic accidents are expected to continue to increase. Therefore, focus group discussions were conducted to explore driver attitudes and safe driver characteristics. The(More)
OBJECTIVE This study investigates the feasibility of using a method based on electroencephalography (EEG) for deriving a driver's mental workload index. BACKGROUND The psychophysiological signals provide sensitive information for human functional states assessment in both laboratory and real-world settings and for building a new communication channel(More)
Event detection is the conversion of raw eye-tracking data into events--such as fixations, saccades, glissades, blinks, and so forth--that are relevant for researchers. In eye-tracking studies, event detection algorithms can have a serious impact on higher level analyses, although most studies do not accurately report their settings. We developed a(More)
This study is concerned with the anthropomorphization of technical devices and the resulting influence on human-machine interaction; a special focus is on the verbal interaction between human and machine. Questions included: why do people regard technical devices as humans, when do they do so and how do they perceive their own dialogue and other persons'(More)
Main objective of the recently started collaborative research project SFB/TR29 B4 is to provide cross-generational assistance to human operators working in industrial product-service systems (IPS(2)). By combining the ideas of action-specificity and multimodality a more immediate and purposeful reaction towards warnings is assumed. For this purpose, an(More)
This study examined Chinese truck drivers' attitudes toward receiving feedback about their driving performance by in-cab technology and explored the best ways of providing feedback to truck drivers in China. The similarities and differences between US and Chinese drivers were also compared. Survey data were collected from 200 long-haul truck drivers in(More)
A Brain-Computer Interface offers a new communication channel solely based on brain activity. The strong developments in the last decade led to an enormous improvement of the robustness and efficiency of the information flow in such systems. Nowadays, BCIs are used in medical care to establish a communication between the patient and his/her environment in(More)