Matthias Priebe

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Cooperative mirroring: The Mirroring system would provide a balance load among all servers, cache and replicate them easily. Time-Shared Storage: This helps for nodes with alternating connectivity. Large-Scale Combinatorial Search: It is used in keys which are problematic. Chord helps in mapping these keys to the problematic machines. • The chord protocol(More)
Finding correlated words in large document collections is an important ingredient for text analytics. The naïve approach computes the correlations of each word against all other words and filters for highly correlated word pairs. Clearly, this quadratic method cannot be applied to real world scenarios with millions of documents and words. Our main(More)
Monitoring news and blogs has become apromising application for global operating groups, who are interested in recognizing topic developments in af rag-mented topic landscape. News articles especially long ones may consist of several topics or different aspects of the same topic. In terms of Topic Detection and Tracking (TDT) it is hard to figure out the(More)