Matthias Prellwitz

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Publish/subscribe communication is increasingly often the basis for distributed, event-based, and loosely-coupled applications. With this communication paradigm, application components communicate indirectly by publishing notifications and by subscribing to those notifications of interest. To precisely specify the subscribers' interests, content-based(More)
Due to the dynamics of distributed ensembles in ubiquitous environments, developers can neither predetermine all environment settings at design time, nor rely on particular services or devices to be available at runtime. To better cope with such uncertainties, dynamic sets provide a programming abstraction that enables developers to program to the interface(More)
Wireless systems being event-driven by reading passive RFID tags, detecting proximity of multiple active RFID tags, or dereferencing data coded in optical identification tags are often designed and implemented for its specific usage. This paper introduces a middleware application that decouples event detection, its forwarding to designated receivers, and(More)
Applications in the areas of Ubiquitous Computing and the Internet of Things are often facing the problem that at design time it is not known what devices will be available at runtime and what preferences the user will have. Due to this gap between design time and runtime, mechanisms are needed to postpone decisions until the application is deployed and to(More)
The paper presents a web-based tour documentation. An interactive map of Germany displays stations already being visited by a mobile museum and those being planned. Station details offering further information as well as various media representation. A barrier-free HTML version also provides editorial and administrative functionality.
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