Matthias Ort

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Measurements were made to determine if there was an optimal kVp that would maximize radiographic contrast for various materials while minimizing average patient dose. Radiographs were made of a 17-cm-thick plexiglass phantom (to simulate a typical abdomen) with added regions of plexiglass, hydroxyapatite, and iodine with peak kilovoltages from 40 to 150 kVp(More)
Subtraction radiography permits the use of 7-10 times less contrast material than is required without subtraction techniques. The first-order, second-order, and composite mask techniques are described and evaluated. While the second-order technique gives more complete cancellation of common structures, the more commonly used first-order technique was found(More)
Big Data is an emerging paradigm covering production, collection, processing, analysis, access and presentation of huge data-sets: Big Data infrastructures represent an opportunity to approach this paradigm on an organizational level. We describe challenges and opportunities of big data infrastructures for the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical(More)
We present a platform that combines an approach to semantic extraction of medical information from clinical free-text documents with the processing of structured information from HIS records. The information extraction process uses a fine-grained linguistic analysis, and maps preprocessed terms to the concepts of domain-specific ontologies. Index Terms —(More)