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Many scientific disciplines ranging from physics, chemistry and biology to material sciences, geophysics and medical diagnostics need a powerful X-ray source with pulse lengths in the femtosecond range 1-4. This would allow, for example, time-resolved observation of chemical reactions with atomic resolution. Such radiation of extreme intensity, and tunable(More)
The method of perturbed angular correlation (PAC) was applied to selected MAX phases with 211 stoichiometry. Radioactive (111)In ions were implanted in order to measure the electric field gradients (EFG) in the key compounds Ti(2)InC and Zr(2)InC to determine the strength and symmetry of the EFG at the In-site. Further PAC studies in the In-free MAX phases(More)
A new digital time differential perturbed angular correlation spectrometer, designed to measure the energy of and coincidence time between correlated detector signals, here correlated gamma photons, is presented. The system overcomes limitations of earlier digital approaches and features improved performance and handling. By consequently separating the data(More)
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