Matthias Nückles

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How flexible are Internet experts in taking the perspective of laypersons? A Web experimental approach is presented that examines the Internet experts' perspective taking in planning explanations for laypersons. The Internet was the topic to be communicated and it also provided the means to implement the experimental method. Participants rated how(More)
A concept map consists of nodes representing concepts and links representing the relationships between the concepts. To examine the influence of concept mapping on learning from texts, we varied the support strategies. Eighty students either learned by constructing concept maps on their own, by correcting an incorrect worked-out map, or by studying a(More)
To give effective and efficient advice to laypersons, experts should adapt their explanations to the layperson's knowledge. However, experts often fail to consider the limited domain knowledge of laypersons. To support adaptation in asynchronous helpdesk communication, researchers provided computer experts with information about a layperson's knowledge. A(More)
E-consulting services such as asynchronous helpdesks for hardware and software are a common and comfortable way to get expert advice. However, the constraints of asynchronous communication and the experts' inclination to forget about the exclusiveness of their specialist knowledge may impair the advisory success. Against this background, an assessment tool(More)
Despite a plethora of recommendations for personalization techniques, such approaches often lack empirical justification and their benefits to users remain obscure. The study described in this paper takes a step towards filling this gap by introducing an evidence-based approach for deriving adaptive interaction techniques. In a dialogue experiment with 36(More)
Text categorization technology can be used to streamline the process of content analysis of corpus data. However, while recent results for automatic corpus analysis show great promise, tools that are currently being used for HCI research and practice do not make use of it. Here, we empirically evaluate trade-offs between semi automatic and hand labeling of(More)
In the present study, we investigated how students react to self-assessed low goal achievement in self-regulated learning. Over a university term (19 weeks), 150 university students recorded self-efficacy, procrastination and perceived goal achievement in weekly web-based self-monitoring protocols. Using multilevel analyses for growth curve models, we(More)