Matthias Monroy

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Examination of several recently exposed cases suggests that the main targets of police public order operations are anti‐globalisation networks, the climate change movement and animal rights activists. The internationalisation of protest has brought with it an increasing number of controversial undercover cross‐border police operations. In spite of questions(More)
ETHOS is a pilot research project supported by the radiation protection research program of the European Commission (DG XII). The project provides an alternative approach to the rehabilitation of living conditions in the contaminated territories of the CIS in the post-accident context of Chernobyl. Initiated at the beginning of 1996, this 3-y project is(More)
This paper presents an algorithm for generating synthetic LRD traffic traces, with given sample mean and Hurst parameter. The algorithm is based on the multifractal wavelet model (MWM) proposed by Riedi et al in 1999. We use a binomial conservative cascade within an iterative algorithm that ensures the required sample statistics. The synthetic trace(More)
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