Matthias Meyer

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With combined EEG–fMRI a powerful combination of methods was developed in the last decade that seems promising for answering fundamental neuroscientific questions by measuring functional processes of the human brain simultaneously with two complementary modalities. Recently, resting state networks (RSNs), representing brain regions of coherent BOLD(More)
Read barriers synchronize compacting garbage collection and application processing in a simple yet elegant way. Unfortunately, read barrier checks are expensive to implement in software, and even with hardware support, the clustering of read barrier faults irregularly impairs application progress to an unacceptable extent. For this reason, read barriers are(More)
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a complex and potentially fatal autoimmune disorder. Although Th17 cells are thought to be central mediators of SLE, mechanisms underlying their counter regulation remain largely unknown. To help define this, we studied the function of the newly defined Stat3-dependent Th17-specific regulatory T cells (Treg17).(More)
Today, software engineers spend most of their time maintaining software systems. Appropriate (design) documentation is often missing or no longer consistent with the actual implementation. Especially in case of legacy systems which have not been developed using a model-driven approach, it is the system’s source code that has to be understood and changed(More)
Copying collectors offer a number of advantages over their mark-sweep counterparts. First, they do not have to deal with mark stacks and potential mark stack overflows. Second, they do not suffer from unpredictable fragmentation overheads since they inherently compact the heap. Third, the tospace invariant maintained by many copying collectors allows for(More)
Social simulation is often described as a multidisciplinary and fast-moving field. This can make it difficult to obtain an overview of the field both for contributing researchers and for outsiders who are interested in social simulation. The Journal for Artificial Societies and Social Simulation (JASSS) completing its tenth year provides a good opportunity(More)
Prediction markets are an interesting instrument to draw on the “wisdom of the crowds”, e.g., to forecast sales or project risks. So far, mainly two market mechanisms have been implemented in prediction markets, the continuous double auction and logarithmic market scoring rule. However, the effects of the choice between these two market mechanisms on(More)
Several strains of Rhizobium japonicum have been reported to consist of mixtures of stable derivativess having distinct colony morphologies and physiological characteristics. We isolated derivatives from strains of R. japonicum and systematically compared them with previously isolated derivatives with respect to the utilization of biochemicals, antibiotic(More)