Matthias Mantel

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The customization of a natural language interface to a certain application, domain or knowledge base still represents a major effort for end users given the current state-of-the-art. In this article, we present our natural language interface ORA-KEL, describe its architecture, design choices and implementation. In particular, we present ORAKEL's adaptation(More)
In this paper we present a model and a corresponding ontol-ogy for associating lexical information to entities of a given domain on-tology. In particular, we focus on representing subcategorization frames as well as their mapping to ontological structures. The lexicon model and ontology can thus be used to specify the syntax-semantic interface for(More)
This demo abstract describes the SmartWeb Ontology-based Annotation system (SOBA). A key feature of SOBA is that all information is extracted and stored with respect to the SmartWeb Integrated Ontology (SWIntO). In this way, other components of the systems, which use the same ontology, can access this information in a straightforward way. We will show how(More)
The silicon carbide JFET has many promising advantages over silicon. However it requires a more complicated gate drive than conventional MOSFETs. In this paper a simple and effective method of driving the new devices with existing monolithic gate drive circuits is proposed. The basis of the proposed method lies in applying a constant negative DC bias to the(More)
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