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Identification of full-length transmitted HIV-1 genomes could be instrumental in HIV-1 pathogenesis, microbicide, and vaccine research by enabling the direct analysis of those viruses actually responsible for productive clinical infection. We show in 12 acutely infected subjects (9 clade B and 3 clade C) that complete HIV-1 genomes of transmitted/founder(More)
Late-onset hypogonadism (LOH), defined as a combination of low serum testosterone (T) levels in combination with clinical signs and symptoms of androgen deficiency in ageing men, is nowadays a well-characterized disease. Testosterone therapy in males affected by hypogonadism leads to a significant decrease of fat mass. In humans, the exact molecular(More)
Adapting Spoken Dialogue Systems to the user is supposed to result in more efficient and successful dialogues. In this work, we present an evaluation of a quality-adaptive strategy with a user simulator adapting the dialogue initiative dynamically during the ongoing interaction and show that it outperforms conventional non-adaptive strategies and a random(More)
Prior research has documented a general positive relationship between the deployment of customer analytics and firm performance. In this research we focus on the retailing industry, an industry characterized by tight margins that lead to careful scrutiny of all business investments. Using survey data from 418 top managers based in the Americas, Europe(More)
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