Matthias Kramm

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The basic somnological methodology, which is extensively used in the present time, focuses only on clinical practice. However, this approach is not appropriate for monitoring of physiological functions during natural sleep under home conditions. Our work was designed to develop a new information-and-equipment device for the reliable study of human(More)
An image compression approach capable of exploiting redundancies in groups of images is introduced. The approach is based on image segmentation, texture analysis and texture synthesis. The proposed algorithm extracts textured regions from an image and merges them with similar texture data from other images, in order to take advantage of textural(More)
When dealing with large scale image archive systems, efficient data compression is crucial for the economic storage of data. Currently, most image compression algorithms only work on a per-picture basis — however most image databases (both private and commercial) contain high redundancies between images, especially when a lot of images of the same objects,(More)
Identification of early disturbances in the process of myocardium depolarization and localization of coordinates of these disturbances in the heart contour is an urgent problem of modern electrocardiography. To solve this problem, it is necessary to identify signals of small disturbances in the depolarization process related to particular zones of(More)
A system of electrode arrangement for localization of zones of small depolarization abnormalities in human myocardium is suggested. Standard electrodes R, L, F and Frank electrodes H, M compatible with standard methods of examination. The total number of electrodes in the system is 15. A technique for reconstruction of the coordinates and orientation angles(More)
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