Matthias Koitka

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Establishing esterase assays allows the determination and comparison of esteratic activities of tissues of one organism and between organisms. We have developed a high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) assay for the determination of S-acetylthiocholine (ATC) and p-nitrophenyl acetate (NPA) hydrolyzing activities of rat serum esterases based on ion(More)
In drug development, it has been noticed that some drug compounds, especially esters, are unstable in serum samples ex vivo. This can lead to a substantial underestimation of the actual drug concentration. The rat and the dog, representing a rodent and non-rodent species, respectively, are widely used in preclinical studies. We studied the degradation of(More)
AIM To investigate the potential influence of variants in genes involved in the calcineurin pathway on the efficacy and toxicity of calcineurin inhibitors in renal transplantation. MATERIALS & METHODS Twenty-three polymorphisms in thirteen genes were tested in 381 renal transplant recipients receiving ciclosporin (n = 221) or tacrolimus (n = 160) and(More)
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