Matthias Kern

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This study aimed to examine whether there exists a gender-dependent correlation between the inverted face shape and that of the upper central incisor as the literature often suggests. Standardized portraits and anterior tooth photographs of 204 dental students were made. Standardized enlargements of facial outlines and of the upper right incisor outlines(More)
This study aimed to evaluate the assessment of attractiveness of standardized changes in incisor proportions. Two original photographs, showing the maxillary anterior teeth in the frame of a smile, were computer-manipulated. From the so-produced symmetrical 'golden standard' images, two sets were constructed. Each set contained one golden standard image and(More)
Guidelines for national Waste ManaGeMent strateGies UNEP promotes environmentally sound practices globally and in its own activities. This publication is printed on 100% recycled paper, using petroleum-free inks and other eco-friendly practices. Our distribution policy aims to reduce UNEP's carbon footprint. This publication may be reproduced in whole or in(More)
PURPOSE This study evaluated the assessment of attractiveness of standardized changes in incisor angulation of different tooth arrangements. MATERIALS AND METHODS Four sets of images showing the maxillary anterior teeth without lips against a black background were used for evaluation. Each set contained the original photograph, one computer-manipulated(More)
BACKGROUND Various treatment options for the prosthetic treatment of jaws where all molars are lost are under discussion. Besides the placement of implants, two main treatment types can be distinguished: replacement of the missing molars with removable dental prostheses and non-replacement of the molars, i.e. preservation of the shortened dental arch.(More)
PURPOSE This in-vitro study was designed to evaluate retention forces, microleakage and plastic deformation of a prefabricated 2-implant bar attachment system (SFI-Bar, Cendres+Métaux, Switzerland). MATERIALS AND METHODS Two SFI implant-adapters were torqued with 35 Ncm into two implant analogues. Before the tube bars were finally sealed, the inner cavity(More)
UNLABELLED The esthetic appearance of upper front teeth strongly depends on color, shape, size, width-to-height ratio, and position of teeth. In the past, these single esthetic aspects had been analyzed separately and not as a whole. Thus, the objective of this current study is to investigate the perception of the esthetics of upper front teeth whose image(More)
BACKGROUND Over the years, there has been a strong consensus in dentistry that at least two implants are required to retain a complete mandibular denture. It has been shown in several clinical trials that one single median implant can retain a mandibular overdenture sufficiently well for up to 5 years without implant failures, when delayed loading was used.(More)
The objectives of this study were (i) to evaluate different fracture mechanisms for orbital floor fractures and (ii) to measure forces and displacement of intraorbital tissue after orbital traumata to predict the necessity of strength for reconstruction materials. Six fresh frozen human heads were used, and orbital floor defects in the right and left orbit(More)
The objective of this study was to measure the force on and displacement of completely detached intraorbital tissue from the bony orbit, as a worst-case scenario after orbital trauma, to preserve the maximum load and predict the necessary strength of reconstruction materials. Six fresh-frozen human heads were used, and orbital floor defects in the right and(More)