Matthias Kemmler

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The coherence of quantum systems is crucial to quantum information processing. Although superconducting qubits can process quantum information at microelectronics rates, it remains a challenge to preserve the coherence and therefore the quantum character of the information in these systems. An alternative is to share the tasks between different quantum(More)
Superconductivity in the cuprate YBa(2)Cu(3)O(7) (YBCO) persists up to huge magnetic fields (B) up to several tens of Teslas, and sensitive direct current (dc) superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDs) can be realized in epitaxially grown YBCO films by using grain boundary Josephson junctions (GBJs). Here we present the realization of(More)
Using a compact nanoprobing setup comprising eight probe tips attached to piezo-driven micromanipulators, various techniques for fault isolation are performed on 28 nm samples inside an SEM. The recently implemented Current Imaging technique is used to quickly image large arrays of contacts providing a means of locating faults.
Electron beam absorbed current (EBAC) has been used to isolate defects in BEOL metal stacks. With the increasing layout complexity, metal signal lines often run over 100um area and over multiple metal stacks. This makes SEM inspections during polishing tedious, time consuming and easy to overlook the defect. With the EBAC technique, it often shows the(More)
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