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We present an untyped calculus of blame assignment for a higher-order contract system with two new operators: intersection and union. The specification of these operators is based on the corresponding type theoretic constructions. This connection makes intersection and union contracts their inevitable dynamic counterparts with a range of desirable(More)
TreatJS is a language embedded, higher-order contract system for JavaScript which enforces contracts by run-time monitoring. Beyond providing the standard abstractions for building higher-order contracts (base, function, and object contracts), TreatJS's novel contributions are its guarantee of non-interfering contract execution, its systematic approach to(More)
Maximization of a voxel based similarity metric like mutual information is the state of the art for the multimodal rigid registration of the head. To achieve satisfactory results the transform needs to be initialized properly and the region of interest (ROI) containing only rigid structures has to be defined in both images. In this paper we present and(More)
Proxies are the swiss army knives of object adaptation. They introduce a level of indirection to intercept select operations on a target object and divert them as method calls to a handler. Proxies have many uses like implementing access control, enforcing contracts, virtualizing resources. One important question in the design of a proxy API is whether a(More)