Matthias Kaiserswerth

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The development of complex distributed applications running on heterogeneous computer networks raises the strong demand for eeective observation and control, i.e., for the management of the entire system behavior. Distributed systems create a new class of requirements especially in the areas of installation, consistent connguration, fault detection, and(More)
The design and implementation of a multiprocessor-based communication subsystem-the Parallel Protocol Engine (PPE)-for the parallel and pipelined execution of protocols are described. As an example, an implementation of the ISO 8802-2.2 Logical Link Control on a four-processor version of the PPE is presented and analyzed. The performance of the(More)
A practical method is presented that permits retrieval from a table in constant time. The method is suitable for large tables and consumes, in practice, O(n) space for n table elements. In addition, the table and the hashing function can be constructed in O(n) expected time. Variations of the method that offer different compromises between storage usage and(More)
This paper analyzes the particular requirements that multimedia communication imposes on the network adapter and the I/O subsystem of a workstation. We show the drawbacks of current (parallel) communication subsystems and develop new architectural concepts applicable to multimedia communication subsystems. The key ideas are the separation of isochronous and(More)