Matthias Jasper

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An ultradian rhythm in adrenal secretion of corticosterone has been described in awake rats using intra-adrenal microdialysis. To determine the role of the autonomic innervation of the adrenal on the expression of the corticosterone rhythm, adrenal extracellular fluid was sampled by intra-adrenal microdialysis in intact (CTRL) and splanchnicectomized(More)
Changes in adrenal medullary and total cortical blood flow after hemorrhage have been described using radioactive microspheres. To assess changes in adrenal capsular and in intracortical adrenal blood flow, a method was used based on microscopic detection of non-radioactive microspheres. Injection of microspheres labelled with fluorescent dyes permitted(More)
Axial plaque redistribution is an important mechanism of lumen enlargement after stenting of noncalcified lesions. To assess effects of lesion calcification on mechanisms of coronary stenting, we analyzed 55 lesions with noncircumferential calcification with 3-dimensional intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) (standard qualitative and quantitative analyses)(More)
To establish whether adrenal corticosterone secretion is episodic and whether episodes are random or periodic events, adrenal extracellular fluid was sampled in awake rats by intra-adrenal microdialysis. Experiments conducted 1 or 2 days postsurgery between 1000 and 1830 h consisted of continuous collection of dialysate at intervals of 10 min. Pulses(More)
Awake rats demonstrate an ultradian rhythm in adrenal secretion of corticosterone. Splanchnic denervation in unstressed rats increases the frequency of corticosterone pulses, revealing an inhibitory function of adrenal innervation. In contrast, one day after surgical stress, adrenal denervation reduces adrenal pulsatility, suggesting a stimulatory function(More)
The mechanisms of lumen enlargement during stent implantation may be significantly affected by arterial remodeling. To assess effects of lesion remodeling, we performed 3-dimensional intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) analyses in 55 coronary lesions before and after deployment of balloon-expandable stents. Standard quantitative analysis was performed, and(More)
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